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Ep. 279: Controlled Rot with Brad Leone

Ep. 279: Controlled Rot with Brad Leone

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Steven Rinella talks with Brad Leone, Senator Martin Heinrich, Ryan Callaghan, Spencer Neuharth, Chester Floyd, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: Vinny's bluefin; using the word "untoward'; Brad's show, "It's Alive!"; fermentation and umami; challenging the FDA; the abundance of deer in New Jersey; fish tails vs. fish bodies; pedicles and peduncles; more on Spencer's rockhounding hobby, loving agates, and a petrified tree chimney; Chester the Investor becomes Chester the Tester thanks to the Classic Sweet; Steve's invented fight moves that would injure your teeth and balls; when you need to switch over to catch and keep; river access endangered in New Mexico and defining what navigable means; mean ass Mrs. Angelo's prohibited fishing dock; yay or nay for the baby name Hunter Fischer?; circumcision; Brad's tattoo origin story and ancient turkey bone tattoo kits; how it all started by dropping kombucha on the floor; the global chicken wing shortage; feedlots and the industrialized food system; the value of dumpster diving; and more.


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