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Ep. 275: The Battle of One Hundred in the Hand

Ep. 275: The Battle of One Hundred in the Hand

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Topics discussed: Go get Michael Punke's new book, "Ridgeline"; a gun that ain't a firearm; when brain matter splatters; how Michael and Steve were both going to write a book about the Nez Perce War; cicadas are a turkey hunter's best friend; free hunting and fishing licences for getting vaccinated; how mountain lions have an unlikely predator; happy endings to raptor rescues; critter vs. human face offs; man punches kangaroo in order to rescue his dog; how you were not supposed to cross the ridgeline; approaches to writing historical nonfiction; when treaties aren't honored; the Bighorn Mountains and Fort Phil Kearny; Lonesome Dove; Nelson Story and his rolling gun battle; that brutal wintry day of December 22nd, 1866; how on earth did 2,000 warriors and their horses remain hidden?; the winkte prophet; the real villain; the challenges of operating a muzzleloader; spherical case shot; the politics of the Fetterman Fight; how Spencer used to meet women with a Hugh Glass pick-up line; and more.

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