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Ep. 269: The Mooch

Ep. 269: The Mooch

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Steven Rinella talks with Robert Abernethy, Rick Smith, Chris Gill, Seth Morris, and Chester Floyd.

Topics discussed: How you need to watch Joe Cermele's B-Side Fishing; caught on trail cam: tractor driver hangs out of tractor to defecate; Steve's tooth improvement and a mountain goat hunting dentist; the impulse to make everything a competition; how Robert Abernethy has been shot twice; incident vs. accident; Chester's daily Bitcoin Liquid Index report; MeatEater's House of Oddities Auction; Metamucil, a regular buck; when you accidentally hit a rabbit while lawn mowing, then inhale the tularemia bacteria and get sick; "Seth" by MISS; a beautiful ending to a story in the Sierra Madres; the rewilding of the Savannah River nuclear site; two tiny fawns sitting in a fish bowl; longleaf pine and turpentine camps; making a place for quail; and more.


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