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Ep. 265: The Rambo Rabbit

Ep. 265: The Rambo Rabbit

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Topics discussed: Has the Bitcoin boat sailed?; a hot tip on using tampons dipped in vaseline as a fire starter; proof of the albino porcupine; one hairy-assed deer eyeball; feeding grizzly bears (ahem, moose!) in your backyard; cloning black footed ferrets; the death of the last passenger pigeon; that time when a squirrel hefted up his dead buddy into a tree; how ibex hunting came to be a thing; the problems that the border wall creates for wildlife; people's inability to openly debate issues; living on vertical cliff faces and basically eating gravel; being a proud member of the 98% club; opinions about non-native species; the saga of Kevin Murphy's beagles; gauging a good hunting day based on whether the scent sticks around; the great history of eating rabbit turds; Kevin Murphy, an American treasure; and more.

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