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Ep. 255: Never Pass Up on the First Day What You’d Be Happy to Have on the Last

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Steven Rinella talks with Clay Newcomb, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, and  Spencer Neuharth.

Topics discussed: the time when Steve put a hit on a beaver; wolves and their magical ability to sniff out CWD-positive deer; why Doug feels you’re missing the point; would you feed CWD-positive deer meat to your dog?; having mega colon and then dying from constipation; the handbook of mummy studies; how Seth survived a weasel attack; fear of too much renewable energy infrastructure and the failure to recognize how destructive it is to wildlife; castration bands to strangle off sheep tails; how mountain lions used to be everywhere; Boone’s elk antler, or not; when deer had tusks; how Steve is against Clay bringing his bow and his rifle on the same hunt; a 17-year-old transgendeer; and more.


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