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Ep. 248: Running with Guns

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Steven Rinella talks with Taylor Thorne, Corinne Schneider, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: hand written love letters to MeatEater; shielding Steve from rejection by the Deep Drop Community; photoperiod and how smoke affects hunting; yelling at mallards; living in a camper and traveling around the country with firearms; Steve mixing up 3-gun and cowboy action; breaking down 3-gun; heavy metal; Teacup Jani and Facebox Steve; mag-fed shotguns; do more folks own guns than not own guns?; how Taylor used to race 4-wheelers and qualified for the Junior Olympics in kick boxing; all about the sass; regulations for traveling with firearms; when the closest state trooper won’t show up until tomorrow; the pink Sig mosquito; running with guns; Steve loving generalizations; the big money in sporting clays; the lack of women in 3-gun; the ole’ tunnel vision; bittersweet Dairy Queen as punishment; taking a Dremel to your firearm; and more.