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Ep. 246: The Fenn Treasure

Ep. 246: The Fenn Treasure

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Steven Rinella talks with Benjamin Wallace, Spencer Neuharth, Corinne Schneider, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: Ben’s article and Spencer’s article; topless vs. shirtless; the world’s most expensive bottle of wine; the Fenn cache of Clovis points and the Fenn Treasure of gold and jewels; when a Playboy Bunny is gifted a mummified baby crocodile; creating a treasure hunt that leads to your dead body; what is  10” x 10” and weighs 42lbs?; when the FBI gets involved; the searchers, the supersearchers, and the solves; the folks who died while hunting the treasure; getting rescued off the side of a cliff but then running away because you’re paranoid about agents making you reveal your secrets; Hebgen Lake as The Fire Hole; where warm waters halt; eye tracking technology; calling bullshit!; a bronze-sniffing dog; the psychological profile of the Fenn chasers; kangaroo words giving latitude and longitude coordinates; Yellowstone National Park; Steve’s idea about getting credit card records to figure out which gas stations Fenn’s family stopped at; have we all been duped?: back to Spencer’s enthusiasms around rock hounding; an invitation to go do something wild; and more.


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