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Ep. 238: The Star of the Redneck Riviera

Ep. 238: The Star of the Redneck Riviera

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Topics discussed: engineering ideas for glass bottom drift boats; hitting a hornet’s nest with a fish and then getting attacked by that hornet; night panther popsicles; how Cal protects sausage from his hand hairs with latex gloves; Jon Gary and the star Starcraft of Das Boat, Season 2: Dos Boat; how Steve learned a lot about surf casting from Joe Cermele’s book; explaining what a passive feeder is; how harness rigging a chipmunk as bait just does not fly today; how musky should be rebranded back to muskellunge; the beauty of trying something new and FOMO holding you back from experimenting; cast counting; Oliver Ngy’s uber polished cast and figure 8s; what social media and the internet have done to fishing; conservation as conservation vs. when economics and recreation impact conservation management; when fish fall from the sky and hit your car; the time when Kevin blanked on a hole; Miles educating about big mouth buffalo; and more.


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