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Ep. 58: Poaching - Our Relationship with the Law

Ep. 58: Poaching - Our Relationship with the Law

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This episode of the Bear Grease Podcast will be an exposé on two men in the outdoor industry that you may have heard of. We typically don’t like to air people’s dirty laundry, but we gained access to these hunters and you may know them, maybe even respect them, and their stories might shock you. The hunters we’re talking about are Clay Newcomb and Steven Rinella! They had a candid conversation about the way they were raised, their history with game laws, and a few of their regrets. The intent is to have some honest dialogue giving a data point to understand our cultural history as modern hunters that will allow us to dictate where we’re going. We’ll also talk Austin Booth, he’s a lawyer, a former marine, and now the director of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. We want to understand the philosophy of wildlife law enforcement in 2022 and the status of poaching. We’ll also pick up two foundational components of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation that we all should know. If you want the dirt on Clay and Rinella, you’re for sure not going to want to miss this one.

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