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Ep. 52: Genuine Outlaws - Louie Dale and Charley Edwards, Part 1

Ep. 52:  Genuine Outlaws - Louie Dale and Charley Edwards, Part 1

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On this episode of the Bear Grease Podcast we’re telling a story that’s never been written in a book or seen on a film. You’ll be introduced to two brothers who were some of the most notorious turkey hunting outlaws to ever to trapse the hills of Arkansas – their names were Louie Dale and Charley Edwards. But in an ironic twist, they were deeply respected in their community for their forthrightness, genuine nature, and generosity. This story is about bar fights, evading game wardens, making whiskey - all interwoven into a story about character and identity…we weren’t wasn’t expecting it either. Clay is in search of learning something about human nature – something about myself. I’ve committed to resolving a life-long position of inner conflict of revering these men, but also disdaining wanton disregard of the law. On this first podcast we’re going to get to know the brothers through the voice of a son, men who hunted with them, and the game warden that chased them for thirty years…Though the brothers are both gone from this earth, in later episodes we’ll dissect their lives with the experts to learn why we loved them – and why we love outlaws. Well….you’ll get to decide if you do or if you don’t. I really doubt you’re going to want to miss this one….

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