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Ep. 34: The Folsom Site - The Unsolved Mystery of Fluted Stone (Part 4)

Ep. 34: The Folsom Site - The Unsolved Mystery of Fluted Stone (Part 4)

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On this final episode in our series on the Folsom archeological site, we’ll explore the risky and mysterious process of fluting stone projectile points. For one thousand years these ancient bison hunters employed this process that some believe was entirely utilitarian, while others say it held greater significance. We’ll hear from the experts Dr. David Meltzer, Devin Pettigrew and Steve Rinella as we wrestle through the evidence. We’ll hear Rick Spicer knap out a fluted point and we’ll discuss the history of the atlatl with Devin. At the end, we’ll find our long awaited answer of why any of this ancient stuff is relevant to us in modern times.

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