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Ep. 26: Eater of Us: The Borderlands Jaguar

Ep. 26: Eater of Us: The Borderlands Jaguar

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On this episode of the Bear Grease Podcast, we’ll journey to meet the most mysterious and rarest of beasts in the United States -- the borderlands Jaguar. We’ll talk with the man who documented the first live one in the United States and see how it uprooted the conservation world. That man was Warner Glenn. We’ll do a classic Bear Grease “nerd out” with Arizona biologist Jim Heffelfinger to understand how this animal makes a living and about their conservation. And we’ll meet yet another legendary hunter of the Southwest, Dale Lee. Though he’s been gone for over thirty years, you’ll hear his voice and receive an impartation from his passion. The borderlands jaguar is known as “The Eater of Us” and in modern times they live in New Mexico and Arizona. You're not going to want to miss this one!

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