Video: Duck Lore Truck and Boat Breakdown

Video: Duck Lore Truck and Boat Breakdown

Chasing ducks drags me all across the country, so it’s mandatory to have a rig and boat that allow me to hunt as many different areas as possible. To see some of these hunts, watch the latest episodes of Duck Lore here.

The bottom of my boat holds four layout blinds held down by an A-frame blind and the always-useful Otter sled. On top of that, I keep four dozen Canada goose decoys and about nine dozen duck decoys–widgeon, pintails, mallards, wood ducks, and teal. However many fit in the boat equals how many get to come along.

The front of the truck bed houses totes filled with any staple items I might need on the road, from tire repair kits and tow straps to extra blind grass. The back of the truckbed is occupied with more decoys: 10 dozen silhouettes for field hunting and big water, along with bags of spinners and motion decoys. The rest of the space is reserved for miscelaneous bags. While this may look like chaos, it’s a system that ensures I have everything I need for my cross-country waterfowl pursuits.

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