Predator-Prey Interaction: A Photo Essay.

Predator-Prey Interaction: A Photo Essay.

My friend Ty, a Kansas farmer and rancher (and avid mule deer hunter), found this dead muley doe in one of his stock tanks. He'd found other drowned deer before and always wondered what was going on. This time, however, he happened to have a trail cam hanging nearby. When he pulled the images, he was surprised to see the sequence of events that led to the deer's death. IMG951946 Don't mind the date stamp on the photos, it's not correct. IMG951942 IMG951943 IMG958117 IMG951945 IMG951940 IMG951936 IMG951933 IMG958120 IMG951946 It seems that the coyotes corralled the deer in the stock tank long enough that it became exhausted and potentially hypothermic. With nowhere to rest, it eventually drowned. The coyotes moved on, apparently without trying to drag the deer out of the tank.

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