Danny Rinella’s High Country Moose Hunting

Danny Rinella’s High Country Moose Hunting

Words by Danny Rinella

Set up camp near a hill or knob that gives you good visibility over a huge area and plan to spend a lot of time up there glassing.  In the alpine country, it’s not unusual to spot moose several miles away.  Needless to say, good ‘nocs and spotting scope are a must. If you’re in an area with other hunters, set your camp at least a couple miles away.  Alpine moose hunting takes place over huge areas, if you don’t give other hunters enough space you’ll be competing for the same animals.

In mountainous terrain, it often becomes apparent that most moose are occupying a specific elevation band.  If this is the case, spend some extra effort scrutinizing this band.  Other places worth extra glassing scrutiny are willow-lined gullies and creeks, alluvial fans, flat benches, and ponds.

Do some calling around your camp after dark, before first light, and sporadically during the day. Thrashing brush, cow calls, and bull grunts all have their place but don’t overdo it. Sometimes bulls respond instantly, but more often they make a mental note and then check out the source of the sound at their own leisure.

Don’t shoot a moose that’s in water or likely to wind up there.  They’re too heavy to drag, so you’ll be stuck butchering a floating moose. This is misery for the hunter and bad for the meat. And bear in mind that moving a moose requires about eight with a very heavy pack.  Brush, tussocks, and steep terrain all add to the difficulty. Be realistic about the amount of work involved and come to an up-front agreement with your hunting partners regarding how far you’re willing to pack a moose.

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