Video: Introducing the Weatherby Vanguard MeatEater Edition Rifle

A good rifle is more than a tool. It’s not the boots that will eventually break down, the GPS that will ultimately crap up, or the backpack that will someday tear. A good rifle is meant to endure. A good rifle is meant to perform under any conditions. A good rifle is meant to pass to the next generation of hunters.

We worked with our friends at Weatherby for over a year to bring you a damn good rifle. We’re very excited to introduce the Weatherby Vanguard MeatEater Edition Rifle—a rugged, accurate, versatile, attractive, high-quality hunting rig at an affordable price.

What you might notice first is the sleek, spiral-fluted barrel—the first production barrel of its kind for Weatherby. It’s cold hammer forged with a full Tungsten Cerakote finish, qualities you’d usually find only in much more expensive guns. It includes a removable barrel cap to easily add a muzzle brake or suppressor. The fluting and Cerakote finish continue into the bolt body and fully enclosed bolt sleeve, controlled by a three-position safety that allows you to load and unload in a safe position. This time-tested Vanguard platform may need little introduction, so suffice it to say that you can count the whole MeatEater crew among tens of thousands of huge fans.

The lightweight polymer stock with a Monte Carlo cheek rest includes modern gray and brown camo styling over black for serious backcountry hunting applications. And the hinged floorplate engraved with the MeatEater logo speaks to your dedication to killing your own food. Ol’ Cal says that “The MeatEater” makes a darn fine name for a hunting gun, but we’ll let you decide what you call yours.

We’re offering this rifle in six solid, versatile calibers: .300 Weatherby Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5-.300 Wby. Mag., and 7mm Rem. Mag. All shoot sub-MOA and weigh less than 7.2 pounds. The two-stage, adjustable trigger will have you placing dime-tight groups in the bullseye and swift death in the vitals.

This superior firearm is designed to last and perform for your lifetime and your children’s or protegee’s lifetimes to follow, and it’s available now for the affordable price of $999 MSRP. Order yours today from or your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.


Vanguard MeatEater Edition
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Steve and the MeatEater Crew designed this rifle in partnership with Weatherby to create one of the best hunting guns on the market.

UItra Gun Vise
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Razor HD LHT 3-15X42 Riflescope
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Vortex Optics

"The LHT has become my go-to scope for nearly every hunt. It’s lightweight for easy backcountry carry, yet has the glass quality and exposed turrets for precision shooting from sunup to sundown." - Janis Putelis 

Deadshot Boxed Combo Shooting Bag - Unfilled
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Orange Peel Sight In - 16" 12 Pack
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