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Episode 205: Snails, Shrimp, and Moose Antler Homicide

Episode 204: Ranch Dressing and Pizza, Cougar in a Hot Tub, and So Much More

Episode 203: Legislation, Crime, and California Salmon

Episode 202: Gato Montez, The Legislative Desk, and Urban Deer

Episode 201: Texas, Legislation, and Bad Dogs

Episode 200: Curious Cacti, More Legislation, Snakes, and CWD Super Sniffers

Episode 199: Goose Legs, Counterfeit Benjamins, and JAG

Episode 198: Bison, Grizz, and It's a Cheatin' Legislation

Episode 197: They Say I've Got a Bad Legislation, and It Isn't Just Talk, Talk, Talk

Episode 196: Paradise Island Lost, Legislation, and Bears

Episode 195: Legislation, Poop, and NIMBY

Episode 194: Foreign Affairs, Legislation, and Hog Troubles

Episode 193: Exploding Fish Tanks, Crime, and the Carnivore Desk

Episode 192: Legislation, Contemplation, and Call to Action

Episode 191: New Jersey Bears, Colorado Wolves, and Kansas Ducks (Plus, The Snort Report

Episode 190: Invasives, Wildlife Disease, and Citizen Science

Special Cal to Action: CWD Bill

Episode 189: Poaching, Regulation, and Vertical Hogs

Episode 188: Bullet Selection, Crabattery, and Legislation