Video: Jani’s Review of Schnee’s Boots

Video: Jani’s Review of Schnee’s Boots

Schnee’s is a Montana-based company that has been around since 1946. They build their boots for outdoor pursuits. I have a few different styles on my shelf, and they each have a specific purpose.

The Kestrel is unique because it’s a super lightweight, 0-flex boot. This makes it appropriate for flat ground hunts like turkey and Midwest whitetail. The Timberline is a little stiffer with a 1-flex. I use this boot similarly to the Kestrel, but might also take it on less demanding elk hunts.

The Mission bumps it up to a 2-flex. The stiffer sole makes climbing in steep terrain easier. It’s a rugged boot for rugged hunts and proved itself on my recent sheep hunt. While the Mission has a 7-inch upper, the Beartooth has a 9-inch upper, which offers more protection against stream crossings and brush. This boot is available in non-insulated or with 200 grams of insulation for the late season. It's versatile enough for turkey hunts or crawling over deadfall in search of elk.

The Classic Schnee’s Pac Boot has been around for over 30 years and is made for the coldest, wettest days. It might not be the best for long hikes, but from duck blinds to late-season stand sits, this is the boot to fend off the frostbite.

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