Season 8, Episode 3 Behind the Scenes: Ghosts of the Chesapeake

Season 8, Episode 3 Behind the Scenes: Ghosts of the Chesapeake
On episode 3, the crew headed to the Delmarva Peninsula for Sika deer and blue crab.
They spent the first couple days archery hunting. The crew had some close encounters, but ended the archery season empty-handed.
The following morning, the crew headed out on the Chesapeake Bay to catch blue crab.
In this area, the preferred method of crabbing is a trotline baited with chicken necks.
They checked the trotlines later that day. Steve was manning the net, catching the crabs as they came to the surface.
They sorted all the crabs by sex and size. Females and crabs smaller than 5.25 inches across the shell had to be thrown back.
The crew took all the keepers back and steamed up that evening for a great Eastern Shore dinner.
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