Are you looking for the article on professional bass angler Christie Bradley and wondering why it’s not here? Well it’s not here because we screwed up—big time—so we took the piece down. How did a story about a trail-blazing professional angler like Christie Bradley go wrong? Well for starters, an article about what it’s like to be a female tournament angler that’s written by a man shouldn’t contain dorky boob jokes and outdated perspectives on female anglers that actually serve to undermine both the article’s subject and intent.  Which is a real shame because Bradley has an interesting story to tell, and we did a horrible job helping her tell it. Our intentions were good, but our work was sloppy and our internal processes failed. There’s no excuse for that. We apologize to Bradley and everyone else who was offended by the article. We promise to do better next time. —Anthony Licata, Editor-in-Chief