Video: How to Texas Rig for Bass like a Pro

The Texas Rig is an ultimate classic setup for catching bass, and the beauty of this presentation lies in its simplicity.

The length of the rod you choose will depend on where you’re fishing, but it’s important that the rod is medium-heavy with a fast taper. This means your rod will be a little stiffer but with a faster tip so your hook set can penetrate through both the plastic bait and the fish’s mouth. It might seem counterintuitive to use a fast reel with a slow presentation but it’s just to pick up your line and to make quick casts—the bait should be manipulated with the rod. Additionally, using a short fluorocarbon leader attached to a braided mainline will give you a better sensitivity to hits.

For the rig, place a bullet weight on the leader and allow it to free slide; this will give your bait a natural, drifting presentation that big bass can’t resist. Then tie an offset, extrad-wide gap hook on the end to attach the plastic of your choosing. The T-Rig was developed with plastic worms, but it's been proven with craws, creatures, salamanders, swimbaits, and almost any other soft plastic bait on the market.

After you cast your Texas Rig, work the bait with your rod, only using the reel to pick up slack. Keep in constant contact with the presentation to feel for the fish. Pop it occasionally, crawl it along the bottom, and generally attempt to mimic whatever forage your plastic matches. Fish it slowly with intention and you’re sure to get into some fish with this technique that’s been proven time and time again.

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