onX and the MeatEater Live Tour Raised 20K for Conservation!

onX and the MeatEater Live Tour Raised 20K for Conservation!

In case you missed it, the MeatEater Crew set out on a Live Tour in December to deliver laughs, trivia, news, and nostalgia from across the worlds of hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, and wild foods.

At every show, the trivia winner picked a conservation organization to receive the winnings, just like on the MeatEater Trivia Podcast. But rather than the standard $500, onX increased the donations to $2,500 every night–the biggest donations in MeatEater Trivia history. Making that announcement each night brought us some of the loudest cheers of the entire tour, and the total at the end of the tour was a whopping $20,000.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of strong local ties to the groups that our winners selected. Local conservation was a natural theme at each show. Here are where the donations went from each stop of the tour:

  • Denver - Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management
  • Kansas City - National Deer Association
  • Davenport - Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  • Kalamazoo - Save the Boundary Waters
  • Detroit - Michigan United Conservation Clubs
  • Cleveland - Trout Unlimited's Salmon Superhighway Project
  • Pittsburgh - Clarion County Sportsmen For Youth
  • Philadelphia - Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

“My goal with MeatEater Trivia has always been three things: inform, entertain, and give back,” MeatEater Trivia Host Spencer Neuharth said. “By the end of this year, we'll have donated over $100,000 to conservation.”

Stay tuned for the next live tour announcement, and in the meantime, tune into MeatEater Trivia and the rest of our podcasts right here or on the streaming platform of your choosing.

“I think it's so damn cool that MeatEater, onX, and our listeners have contributed all that money to land access and wildlife habitat,” Spencer said. “Those aren't empty words when we call it 'the only game show where conservation always wins.’"

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