MeatEater Trivia Board Game Available Now!

MeatEater Trivia Board Game Available Now!

MeatEater Trivia: The Board Game is available right now in the MeatEater Store!

This board game is the ultimate test of your outdoor knowledge. It’s based on the popular MeatEater Trivia Podcast with over 12 million downloads, which you can find on the MeatEater Podcast feed and MeatEater YouTube channel.

The game contains 800 questions from the categories hunting, fishing, conservation, cooking, woodsmanship, gear, wildlife, and natural history. And we designed it to be as mobile as you are—the tin carrying case will fit all the whiteboards, markers, and hundreds of question cards. It’s meant to go with you on your next adventure, whether that’s up a mountain or down a river.

Now here’s the coolest part: We’re donating $1 from every sale to conservation projects. That means your purchase will help fund things like land access and wildlife habitat. It’s quite literally the only board game where conservation always wins!

Click here to get your copy. Game on, suckers!

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