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MeatEater Mailbag: Virgin Elk Hunters and Cooking Morels

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers—and if we don’t, we make ’em up. Every day fellow MeatEaters send us more than 100 emails and direct messages. Some are excellent questions, and we have to think real hard (or get real creative) to answer them. So, we decided to publish a series of our...


Steven Rinella’s Top Elk Hunting Techniques

The elk’s long legs and outsized lungs seem to compel it to travel almost constantly, and a hunter’s desire for elk meat seems to compel him to follow. No matter where or how an elk hunter is hunting, he or she is almost surely going to end up using some aspect of the spot and stalk strategy. Thanks...


Elk Hunting Knowledge

Elk are movers. Be it from hunting pressure or weather, great numbers of them will cover great distances with mind boggling speed. But an elk’s toughness goes beyond its ability to climb thousand-feet inclines in times measured in seconds rather than minutes. When hunters hear these massive animals...


MeatEater Season 7: Steve and Remi Hunt Late Season Montana Bulls

On this hunt, Steve teams up with friend and hunting guide Remi Warren for a late-season quest for bull elk in Montana. They’re both carrying tags but finding a bull in the steep, snow-covered mountains of western Montana isn’t going to be easy. They’ll have to put in some long days and a lot of...


MeatEater Season 7: Steve and Remi Navigate Afognak Brown Bears and Fog for Elk

On this hunt, Steve and Remi Warren travel to Alaska’s Afognak Island for a chance to hunt the largest Roosevelt elk in the world. It’s a hunt so challenging Remi swore he’d never return after his first trip to Afognak, but he’s back to help Steve find a bull. Here, they’re met with giant brown...


A Guide to Hunting Elk

While we now regard elk as a Western species found primarily in the Rocky Mountains, at the time of European contact they were found across virtually all of the lower-48, with particularly impressive herds on the Great Plains. Habitat loss and commercial hunting almost wiped the species from the map...