Doug Duren

Doug Duren

Doug Duren is a passionate conservationist, land manager, and part-time curmudgeon. In addition to his work, Doug can often be found at the Duren Family Farm, caring for and managing it, for this and future generations.


Whitetail Deer

What Hunters Can Do About Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic wasting disease is one of the biggest conservation challenges of our time. In my previous article, I discussed various reasons everyone should be concerned about CWD. However, that may have left you wondering what we can do about it. The answer is we can buy time and pay for science. Through...

Big Game

Why Every Hunter Should Care About Chronic Wasting Disease

My reaction to the news was visceral. I stared at my hands, remembering that 10 days earlier I hadn’t worn plastic sleeves or rubber gloves when field dressing a buck. That deer, as it turned out, had tested positive for chronic wasting disease. It wasn’t out of ignorance. I know better than that. I...

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Hunting by Doug Duren

Words by Doug Durren Mooching is a term that my friends and family use to describe a form of deer hunting that combines the best of 3 different deer hunting techniques, stand hunting, deer drives, and still hunting. The basic idea of a mooch is to take advantage of the terrain, wind direction, and...