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The Mistaken Legacy of Samuel Colt

“God created man. Sam Colt made them equal.” We’ve all heard this old saw a million times, because to many, Samuel Colt is the most important figure in firearms history. Even people who’ve never heard of Hiram Maxim, Eugene Stoner, or John Moses Browning know who Sam Colt is. While Colt is certainly...

Firearm Hunting

The Spectacular Failure of Eugene Stoner's Ugly Pistol

Eugene Stoner is one of the most influential firearm designers of all time. While he was not as prolific as John Moses Browning, Stoner's inventions were a dramatic departure from traditional gun design in the post-WWII years, and they drastically changed the entire course of firearm design in the...


A Genre Revived: The New Age of Westerns

The romance, freedom, danger, and violence of the Old West may always intrigue us. It’s much the same as how stories of chivalrous knights and war heroes throughout history captivate our imaginations—especially through fiction’s idealized lens. There was a time when America was absolutely obsessed...

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The Guns of Coen Brothers Movies

Movies directed by Joel and Ethan Coen characteristically include distinct atmospheres, quirky characters, witty dialog, and a good bit of cleverly executed violence. That’s why their works are some of Steve Rinella’s favorites. When gunplay is in order, the Coens, who write, produce, and direct...

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The Infamous Guns of Bonnie and Clyde

In the years between WWI and WWII, the American public was enamored with sensationalized news about a vicious new breed of criminal. Unlike bandits of the Old West riding on horseback and armed with six-shooters and lever guns, these Great Depression-era outlaws rode around in powerful V-8 Fords...

Firearm Hunting

The Most Memorable Flintlocks from Movies

As a child of the ’80s, I grew up hunting with a no-frills, break-action Savage 12-gauge from Kmart. Like many folks, my only exposure to old firearms was in film: Westerns with six-shooters and lever guns, or movies about mountain men with flintlocks. Flintlock muskets, rifles, and pistols conjure...

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The Mysterious Guns of Wyatt Earp

A rule of thumb concerning individuals and stories from the Old West is that you need to navigate a lot of bullshit to reach the truth. Generally, the more famous the event or its participants, the more embellished the narrative. It was an era that lacked trustworthy photography or reporting, and...

Firearm Hunting

An Ode to Department Store Guns

It’s hard to believe today, and even harder to explain to someone under the age of 50, that there was once a time when firearms were regarded as sporting goods by major retailers. They were basically treated like baseball bats or golf clubs—selling in huge department stores that appealed to the...

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Movie Guns that Made Their Characters

A firearm, when paired with the right character and actor, can become more iconic than the movie itself. Sometimes it’s a happy accident, sometimes it’s a carefully considered plan, but when it clicks, pop culture doesn’t forget. The character and gun become inseparable. These are some of the most...