S1-E01: Land of the Exotics

When most people think of Texas, they likely conjure up images of cowboys and cattle drives, or roadside barbecue pits and taco stands. What they are not likely to have come to mind are herds of animals from as far and wide as the plains of Africa to the mountains of Nepal. In reality Texas has some of the highest concentrations of non-native animals in the country, and it's one of these animals that brings Chef Kevin Gillespie to Hill Country, the Scimitar Horned Oryx. Join chef as he pursues this animal, once considered a delicacy by the Ancient Romans, and then transforms his harvest into a feast for the senses. Joined by his friends Danielle Prewett and Jesse Griffiths, Kevin sets to work creating a meal that tells the story of this amazing animal, and it's adopted home in North America.