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Ep. 229: Predicting Deer Movement with Mark Drury

Ep. 229: Predicting Deer Movement with Mark Drury

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Today on the podcast we’ve got Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors back with us again for a follow-up to his unbelievably popular Predicting Deer Movement episode that he did with us back in 2015. And this time we’re taking things to a whole new level.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– How to follow along with our 2018 hunting season

– What the DeerCast app is and how it will work

– Why predicting deer movement is so important

– How Mark uses his knowledge about deer movement and DeerCast to choose where and when to hunt

– Examples from 2017 of how Mark Drury used movement predictions to kill mature bucks

– What Mark does when poor conditions are present

– What kinds of factors impact deer differently at different times of year

– What 11 influencers Mark Drury tracks when it comes to deer movement

– When during a cold front is best to hunt – before, during or after?

– Importance of departure from average temperature

– How warming trends can help deer movement in certain situations

– How barometric pressure impacts deer movement – and that varies by season and temperature

– When pressure subdues deer movement

– Is a rising barometric pressure or steady high pressure better?

– The impacts of pressure on barometric pressure on thermals, and how that impacts hunting

– Impacts of wind speed and direction on deer movement

– When its too windy or too still for good deer movement

– Analyzing my late October plan for Holyfield last year and how wind/temps impacted my decision

– When to bail out of a stand with poor wind

– How far away might a deer smell you

– Changes in wind speed and how it might impact deer

– Does humidity impact deer movement?

– What kinds of rains are good to hunt?

– How the moon might impact deer movement and rut intensity

– Outside factors like deer health and crop rotations that can impact annual patterns

-And much, much more!

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