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Ep. 386: Rut Hunting Public and Pressured Land with Aaron Warbritton and Greg Clements

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Today on the show I’m joined byAaron Warbritton and Greg Clements of The Hunting Public for an absolute masterclass on hunting public land, or heavily pressured private, during the rut.

Topics discussed:

  • My Ohio public land hunt
  • Dan’s take-aways from his hunt in Michigan
  • Dan’s pre-rut hunts and the first half of my hunt for Tran
  • How is hunting the rut different on public land?
  • The traditional rut approach VS aggressive THP style
  • Pinch points that work on public
  • How to find overlooked public land
  • How scouting during the rut is different
  • Tips for calling and decoying on public land
  • Thermal hubs
  • Doe bedding VS buck bedding during the rut
  • How to know when to set up and wait VS keep scouting
  • Stand selection advice 

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