Ep. 370: The Trials and Tribulations of Public Land Deer Hunting

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Today on the show we discuss the trials and tribulations of public land deer hunting and how to deal with these challenges – using the story of our recent Idaho hunt as an example.

Topics discussed:

  • How the story of our recent Idaho hunt can serve as an example for future trips and ways to adjust
  • The power of the first sit – and the downfall of future sits
  • Adjusting to hunting pressure
  • Dealing with random adversity on traveling hunts
  • How to stay positive in the face of challenges
  • Learning new ground on the fly
  • When and how to scout public land on a short trip
  • Balancing the hard work of a hunt and still trying to have fun
  • Sabotage
  • Setting standards on a public land hunt
  • Taking a punch and getting back up

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