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Ep. 360: A New Era in Deer Conservation with Nick Pinnizzoto, Kip Adams, and Lindsay Thomas Jr

Ep. 360: A New Era in Deer Conservation with Nick Pinnizzoto, Kip Adams, and Lindsay Thomas Jr

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Today on the show I’m joined by Nick Pinizzotto, Kip Adams, and Lindsay Thomas Jr to discuss one of the most significant changes in the deer conservation world in decades – the merging of the Quality Deer Management Association and the National Deer Alliance into a brand new organization.

Topics discussed:

  • Why the QDMA and NDA are merging into a new organization
  • The mission of the new organization
  • How will this impact deer and deer hunters?
  • What to expect for prior QDMA members
  • Will there still be a management and habitat focus in this new organization?
  • Thoughts on the legacy of QDMA and the ending of an era
  • What the National Deer Alliance leadership learned over its five years of existence
  • What NDA can bring to the new org from a policy perspective
  • The big wins and wishes that the new org hopes to see come to fruition
  • Why we the hunters are the most important part of this new era in deer conservation
  • What we need to do in the coming day and years to make a positive difference

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