Ep. 357: Getting Out of Your Deer Hunting Comfort Zone with Justin Hollandsworth

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Today on the show I’m joined by Justin Hollandsworth of Whitetail Addictions TV to discuss high risk high reward tactics that lead to DIY deer hunting success and much more.

Topics discussed:

  • Doing something whitetail related every day
  • How Andrae D’acquisto influenced Justin’s deer hunting mindset
  • Scouting new properties aggressively VS staying out
  • The value of hot sign VS year old sign
  • Identifying and patterning specific bucks
  • The early October morning taboo
  • How to hunt “edge winds” and ways to make it work
  • When to swing for the fences
  • Trailcam positioning
  • Hunting an area VS hunting the tree
  • How to quickly and quietly get set-up in a stand during hunting season
  • Trim or no trim a new set?
  • When’s the best time to move stands midday?
  • What quality do most great deer hunters have in common?

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