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Ep. 350: Can Whitetail Habitat Managers Do Better? with Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Ep. 350: Can Whitetail Habitat Managers Do Better? with Lindsay Thomas Jr.

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Today on the show I’m joined by Lindsay Thomas Jr. of the Quality Deer Management Association for a terrific and varied conversation about whitetail habitat management and how we can all do a little better.

Topics discussed:

  • How conservation organizations have been impacted by COVID-19
  • What we can do to help support QDMA and other conservation organizations at this time
  • How deer habitat management has evolved over the past few decades
  • If Lindsay could change one thing about deer habitat managers, it would be …
  • Why plant and tree ID matters
  • Does invasive and non-native species management really matter?
  • Desirable weeds and tree species to look for
  • What a “green” or “low impact” food plot means
  • How to plant more environmentally friendly and beneficial food plots
  • Safety considerations and environmental impacts of herbicide use
  • Erosion, tillage, no-till and other soil considerations


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