Ep. 335: 2020 State of the Whitetail Union with Kip Adams

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Today on the show I’m joined by QDMA Director of Conservation, Kip Adams, to review the most notable trends and current issues impacting deer and deer hunting in America in 2020.

Topics discussed:

  • What is the QDMA Whitetail Report?
  • How would Kip grade the most recent deer hunting season data?
  • The most notable trends in the deer hunting world
  • The latest on buck harvest numbers
  • Why are doe harvest numbers declining?
  • How age structure has changed in our national deer harvest over the years
  • Updates on EHD and CWD across the country
  • Anything new on dealing with CWD?
  • Legislation that hunters can help push to the finishline
  • More on hunter recruitment


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