Ep 334: Shed Hunting Masterclass

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Today on the show we are talking all things whitetail shed hunting, including when the best time to shed hunt is, how to become a more efficient shed hunter, and shed hunting tactics from several of the most experienced antler hunters around.

Topics discussed:

  • My big news
  • Why we love shed hunting
  • Furter’s favorite shed hunting memories
  • Why it’s important not to shed hunt too early
  • The importance of not shed hunting too late
  • Determing just the right time to shed hunt
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule to shed hunting
  • Becoming a more efficient shed hunter
  • Where Dan Perez focuses his shed hunting efforts
  • How ponds can factor into your shed hunting strategy
  • Joe Shead’s top shed locations
  • Tips for better spotting antlers
  • Top conditions for shed hunting


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