Ep. 333: DIY Gear and Bowhunting with Garrett Prahl

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Today on the show I’m joined by Garrett Prahl of DIY Sportsman to examine his ultralight mobile hunting style and the fascinating approach he takes to testing and modifying his gear to perfectly fit his hunts.

Topics discussed:

  • Who is Garrett Prahl
  • The story of possibly my most exciting, and unexpected, shed hunting find of all time
  • How the DIY Sportsman came to be
  • How Garrett describes his hunting style
  • When to hunt fresh sign VS when to continue towards a planned location
  • Tricks for hunting on the ground on the fly
  • Tips for choosing the right climbing sticks
  • Using a climbing aider
  • Modification ideas for climbing sticks, linemans belts, tree stands, and platforms
  • How to be more efficient getting set-up for run-n-gun hunts
  • Tips for making your system more lightweight


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