Ep. 328: How to Find Your Own Back 40 with Joe Gizdic and Shawn Kelley

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Today on the show I’m joined by Joe Gizdic and Shawn Kelley to dive deep into the story of how we found and purchased our MeatEater Back 40 farm and  advice for finding your own special piece of hunting ground.

Topics discussed:

  • Intro to Joe, Shawn and Whitetail Properties
  • Most important criteria to look for when searching for a hunting property
  • What I was looking for during the Back 40 purchase process
  • The properties I looked at that didn’t make the cut
  • How to properly assess the value of land
  • Identifying a good “neighborhood”
  • Advice for finding prospective properties
  • What I liked about the Back 40 farm and Shawn’s thoughts
  • Details to get right when offering and closing on a property
  • Common mistakes when trying to purchase a recreational property
  • Other advice for finding and buying land


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