Ep. 323: Late Season Deer, Missing a Buck, Public Land, and other Q&A

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Today on the show we’re tackling listener questions on topics such as how to kill late season deer, how to identify top whitetail food sources,  recovering from a missed deer, public land and much more.

Topics discussed:

  • The official launch of That Wild Country
  • How to move on from a missed deer
  • Staying motivated in the midst of a long tough deer hunting season
  • Tactics for killing a buck during late season
  • Hunting in fresh snow
  • Keeping your feet warm in cold weather
  • Determining the top food sources at different points of the year – greens VS grains
  • Will does blow at bucks?
  • How my transition to a back tension release has gone
  • Should you take a head-on shot at a deer with a bow?
  • Getting bucks shoulder mounted VS euro mounted
  • Latest update on the hunt for “Tran”


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