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Ep. 283: Reviving Our Family Deer Camp

Ep. 283: Reviving Our Family Deer Camp

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Today we’re joined by my buddy Josh “Furter” Hillyard and my father David to discuss the habitat history of our family deer camp and the work we’re doing to revive the land and deer herd.

Subjects Discussed

  • Something to think about regarding our “Peak Performance” series
  • What our deer camp property looked like 30 years ago
  • How the habitat changed in the last three decades
  • Why it took us so long to try any kind of habitat projects
  • The five year process to implement improved food sources on the property
  • What plants grew well in our acidic sandy soil
  • The positive results of our early food plot projects
  • How we managed to establish a perennial stand of clover
  • Meeting with a state forester
  • Plans coming out of the forester meeting and how we hope to implement his ideas
  • What’s next for the property
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