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Ep. 344: That Ringing In Your Ears That Drives You Nuts

Ep. 344: That Ringing In Your Ears That Drives You Nuts

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Topics discussed: Being an Elvis fan; from radio DJ to audiologist to OtoPro founder; creating a new hearing test with various nature sounds, animal calls, and turkey gobbles; Yellowstone's floods; Seth and Chester kick ass on the amateur walleye tournament scene; Grace as a former Miss America pageant Top 15; ducks flying incredibly long distances during their lifetime; the snow goose that traveled 870 miles in 24 hours; Polar Bear Pete's high ass, his dinger-hitting talent, and his message to all of you; MeatEater’s article about hearing loss; what happens when a gun goes bang by your head?; sound pressure; how to pronounce "tinnitus"; the link between hearing loss and dementia; sticking a caulk gun way up into your ear where it has no business being; how to properly insert those little foamies; Jani and Garrett’s poor hearing; and more. 

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