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Ep. 340: People Getting Confused By Animals

Ep. 340: People Getting Confused By Animals

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Topics discussed: Reminding you that MeatEater Trivia is weekly; MeatEater Cooks is back; cute as a button; when the locals are the problem; the creep of eliminating non-resident sheep tags; a $1 million fine for illegally catching dungeness crabs; Pedals, the bear; misleading article headlines; get Jon’s brilliant new book, Serious Face; “assassinations” and CSI: Monk Seal in Hawaii; SPZs; feudal relationships; flying helicopters in straight lines to save gas; seals and eels; how to properly pronounce ‘macaque’; a street-wise monkey; picking out darts and evading capture; losing your tortoises in a divorce; Werner Herzog and his cave painting movie; and more.

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