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Ep. 330: Killing the King’s Deer

Ep. 330: Killing the King’s Deer

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Ambergris and makeup; getting hit in the teeth with a baseball going 98 miles per hour; a chew cocktail of tobacco wrapped in bubble gum; support TRCP and bid on a fishing trip with NY Mets first baseman, Pete Alonso; the Fourth Amendment, the Open Fields Doctrine, and what a game warden can and can't search; trying to get away with doing naughty, illegal things; "Outdoor Kids in an Inside World" is out now so go get a copy!; the aerospace background story of Spartan Precision Equipment and their awesome magnetic bipods; the elitism of hunting in the United Kingdom; getting a formal degree in deer stalking; how you can't keep the meat; so many airguns and plinking in the back garden; no bow hunting allowed; gutting from the diaphragm; red, roe, and fallow; deer hunting as deer management; Mrs. Miggins' roses; Cal and Steve argue about the "guard the gate" mentality; the plight of the Tasmanian devil; hot pot ptarmigan; and more. 


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