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Ep. 301: It Ain’t Just Chickens That Are Dinosaurs

 Ep. 301: It Ain’t Just Chickens That Are Dinosaurs

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Topics discussed: Is Jack Horner sick of hearing about Jurassic Park?; subscribe to MeatEater's Youtube channel and watch all of our video content, like Sourced, B-Side of Fishing, and One Week in November; Steve one-upping Spencer with his own fabulous rock story; Gordon Lightfoot's muse; the Squirrel Doc's signed book, dinner at Kevin Gillespie's Gunshow restaurant, and other things you ought to bid on in MeatEater's Auction House of Oddities; Corinne's first mule deer buck; Chester's hoo-yip song calling in bears; Jack's dyslexia and finding the baby dinosaurs of the world; all birds are equally dinosaurs; hypothesizing T-Rex as an opportunist; eating your prey alive; endothermic homeotherms and ectothermic heterotherms; 20-inch high velociraptors taking down a T-Rex; how did birds survive that very bad day?; the accoutrements, armor, and sex lives of dinosaurs; and more.

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