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Ep. 294: A Decade of BLAUKŠ!

Ep. 294: A Decade of BLAUKŠ!

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Steven Rinella talks with Clay Newcomb, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, Spencer Neuharth, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: The French Getup; MeatEater's Season 10 t-shirt and "Fox in a Box" t-shirt; Buckman Juice and a Dirt Squirt slurry for the MeatEater Auction House of Oddities; Steve setting the high school principal straight about a gun in his truck; spitting chew in the seats of your school bus; Corinne's first antelope hunt story; an unidentifiable broadhead lodged in the roof of an elk mouth; how pronghorns smell like Fritos corn chips; a good recipe for swill beer; waving a white game bag to attract pronghorn; Clay's cool lookin' revolver-shotgun; horns vs. antlers; what's more reliable, a bow or a flintlock?; falling off mules; deer drives and blockers, pushers, posters, sitters, standers, and walkers; MeatEater's article on the Brief History of Flintlock Hunting in America; which state in the US is home to the southernmost glacier?; a brand new ocean; and more.

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