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Ep. 247: The Miss and the Return

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Steven Rinella talks with Kurt Racicot, Rick Smith, Dirt Myth, Ridge Pounder, Chester Floyd, Seth Morris.

Topics discussed: Harder than a woodpecker’s lips; being dialed in on your system; a 10,000 year old footprint sandwich of early human, mammoth, and ground sloth; when a pelican starts a brush fire with a carp hanging out of its mouth; dippin’ to deficate; free pouring powder and Daniel Boone’s ballistics; bed ticking and muzzleloader families; making your own bird shot by melting lead in a cool way; the extent of Steve’s self loathing and the three main feelings; what becomes displaced on a goat when it tumbles down the mountain; the time when Steve shot a buck with his pants down; conceding that storming the ridge was not smart; a snail on a razorblade; a hot tip on where to find mountain goats: where ridges collide with benchy saddles; how Chester got married in a homemade bolo tie made out of elk antlers; ET’s cocoon for Covid times; why Steve is a great dad; Jimmy Buffet’s zero hangover cocktail; “if you’re not learning, you ain’t earning”; what a cactus buck is; walking away from your long johns; buying back the bear you killed in self defense; and more.


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