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Ep. 54: Genuine Outlaws - Rough Men, Part 2

Ep. 54: Genuine Outlaws - Rough Men, Part 2

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On this episode of the Bear Grease Podcast, we’re going to continue building a
biographical sketch of Louie Dale and Charley Edwards, two Southern characters known for being turkey hunting outlaws, but also beloved men in their community – by most. We’ll be diving into the moonshine incident and give some backing for why people said they were “rough men” – you’re going to hear about some fighting and gun play, so if you’re sensitive to such talk – be advised - but if you want a small picture into the American south, these guys deliver. These men were connected to the land and it shaped their identity. Host Clay Newcomb, having known them his whole life, Is unashamed by how much he liked these guys, but conflicted because he disagreed with some stuff they did. Life is a paradox and linear equations built for judgement don’t always add up. This episode is a sketch of two modern colorful characters. Their lives were just straight up entertaining and intriguing, we doubt you’re gunna want to miss it….Hey, and if you’ll stick around the very end…You’ll hear Clay and game warden Jimmy Martin relive a run in they had when Clay was 16 years old.

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