MeatEater Turkey Calling Contest: Cal vs. Mark

Turkey Calling Contest
MeatEater Turkey Calling Contest: Cal vs. Mark

Folks, we’re not cluckin’ around. It’s the first-ever MeatEater Turkey Calling Contest. Crew members will be facing off head-to-head to see who is the best turkey-talker of the bunch. There will be three categories of calling throughout the contest: best turkey call sequence, crow call and owl hoot, and turkey gobble—and you get to pick who wins.

turkey calling contest bracket round 1

The winner of the contest will get to donate $1,000 to the National Wild Turkey Federation in their name. Watch the videos and cast your vote below to select who you think should make it to the next round. Don’t delay—voting will only be open for 24 hours!

We’ll also be giving away a Work Sharp Turkey Week Exclusive Knife Sharpener and a special edition Golden Professional Precision Adjust Sharpener every day this week! To enter to win, tell us what you think of our calling in the comment section.

In this matchup we have two of MeatEater's most dedicated conservationists: Ryan Callaghan and Mark Kenyon. But who's the better caller of the two? That's up to you to decide. The winner will go on to face Tony Peterson in the owl hoot and crow call round.

(Note: votes will not be counted in the comment section, so please use the voting box below to vote for your favorite caller. Likewise, only voting won’t enter you for a chance to win a sharpener, so make sure you leave a comment!)

Click here to view all rounds of the Calling Contest.

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