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Ep. 372: What Would Tony Peterson Do?

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Today on the show we’re running acclaimed public land bowhunter Tony Peterson through a series of challenging hypothetical deer hunting scenarios to better understand his deer hunting thought process and strategies.

Topics discussed:

  • Tony’s thoughts on the Back 40 and plans for November
  • What would you do if hot weather rolled in for your week long out-of-state hunt?
  • How would you approach a mid-October hunt in Iowa if you had just a long weekend to fill your much-anticipated tag?
  • If you pass red hot sign on the way to a prepared location, should you stop and hunt right there?
  • How to identify buck concentrations
  • How to handle a hunting spot sabotage?
  • You find great sign but you have no tree stand – hunt on the ground or go grab a stand a come back?
  • If you could only hunt one day of the season, what would it be?
  • Would you take a 50 yard shot at a whitetail?

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