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Ep. 366: Hunting Down a Target Buck with Andrae D’Acquisto

Ep. 366: Hunting Down a Target Buck with Andrae D’Acquisto

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Today on the show I’m joined by Andrae D’Acquisto to discuss the aggressive scouting and hunting tactics that have made him, in many people’s eyes, one of the very best deer hunters in the country.

Topics discussed:

  • Is off-season scouting a waste of time?
  • What should we be doing in the late summer leading into hunting season?
  • How Andrae identifies his target buck for a given year and why he prefers to make his shoot or don’t shoot decisions well ahead of the season
  • How Andrae approaches the early season
  • Andrae’s unique in-season scouting
  • The sign that prompts Andrae to stop scouting and start hunting
  • When to hunt, when to scout
  • How to scout  without over-pressuring deer
  • How trailcams fit into Andrae’s strategy today
  • How to identify buck beds and what to do when you find one
  • The full scoop on the Bump and Dump
  • Thoughts on finding and hunting “bulletproof” stand set-ups
  • Advanced wind strategies
  • Why Andrae hates the rut

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