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Ep. 362: What Would John Eberhart Do?

Ep. 362: What Would John Eberhart Do?

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Today on the show I’m joined by the legendary DIY Michigan bowhunter John Eberhart to discuss what exactly he would do in some of the deer hunting world’s toughest scenarios.

Topics discussed:

  • How John’s 2020 whitetail preparations are coming
  • What would John do if he gained permission on a new property at the end of August with only one weekend to prep?
  • It’s October 1 and you have to choose between a dynamite apple tree set or a lone oak, which do you choose?
  • What should you do when another hunter comes crashing through your spot?
  • What does John Eberhart do when a mature buck busts him?
  • What to do when you discover hot sign but there’s no good tree to hang from?
  • Should you move the next day after seeing a mature buck move out of range?
  • What would John do on the very first day of a 5 day public land rut hunt on a brand new property he’s never seen?
  • Would John call to a buck that’s just out of range in Michigan?
  • How has John’s trail camera philosophy evolved?
  • How has the increased know-how of the average hunter impacted John’s success and tactics?
  • John’s top day to hunt and #1 stand location

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